Data collections (lists/slices and dicts/maps)


@razorDict := dict("test", 1, "test2", 2);{{- set $ "goDict" (dict "test" 1 "test2" 2) }}Creation
@razorDict2 := dict("test3", 3, "test5", 5);{{- set $ "goDict2" (dict "test3" 3 "test5" 5) }}Creation
@set(.razorDict, "test2", 3);{{- set .goDict "test2" 3 }}Update
@set(.razorDict, "test3", 4);{{- set .goDict "test3" 4 }}Update
@razorDict = merge(razorDict, razorDict2);{{- set $ "goDict" (merge .goDict .goDict2) }}Merge (First dict has priority)
@razorDict.test3;{{ $.goDict.test3 }}Should be 4
@razorDict.test5;{{ $.goDict.test5 }}Should be 5
@razorDict["test", "test3", "undef"]{{ extract $.goDict "test" "test3" "undef" }}Extract values, should be [1,4,null]
@razorDict["test":"test9"]{{ slice $.goDict "test" "test9" }}Slice values, should be [1,3,4,5]
@razorDict["test9":"test"]{{ slice $.goDict "test9" "test" }}Slice values, should be [5,4,3,1]
@keys(razorDict){{ keys $.goDict }}Get keys, should be ["test","test2","test3","test5"]
@values(razorDict){{ values $.goDict }}Get values, should be [1,3,4,5]

Looping (Maps)

Razor (Maps)

@-foreach($key, $value := razorDict)
    @{key}, @{value}, @get($.razorDict, $key)
@-end foreach

Gotemplate (Maps)

{{- range $key, $value := .goDict }}
    {{ $key }}, {{ $value }}, {{ get $.goDict $key }}
{{- end }}

Result (Maps)

    test, 1, 1
    test2, 3, 3
    test3, 4, 4
    test5, 5, 5


@razorList := list("test1", "test2", "test3");{{- set $ "goList" (list "test1" "test2" "test3") }}Creation
@razorList = append(razorList, "test4");{{- set $ "goList" (append .goList "test4") }}Append
@razorList = prepend(razorList, "test0");{{- set $ "goList" (prepend .goList "test0") }}Prepend
@razorList;{{ $.goList }}Should be ["test0","test1","test2","test3","test4"]
@contains(razorList, "test1", "test2");{{- contains .goList "test1" "test2" }}Check if element is in list
@has("test1", razorList);{{- has "test1" .goList }}has is an alias to contains
@has(razorList, "test1");{{- has .goList "test1" }}has Support inversion of argument if the first one is not a list
@has(razorList, "test1", "test2");{{- has .goList "test1" "test2" }}has can also test for many elements
@razorList.Contains("test1", "test2");{{ .goList.Contains "test1" "test2" }}List also support using methods
@razorList.Reverse();{{ .goList.Reverse }}Should be ["test4","test3","test2","test1","test0"]

Looping (Slice)

Razor (Slice)

@-foreach($index, $value := razorList)
    @{index}, @{value}, @extract($.razorList, $index)
@-end foreach

Gotemplate (Slice)

{{- range $index, $value := .goList }}
    {{ $index }}, {{ $value }}, {{ extract $.goList $index }}
{{- end }}

Result (Slice)

    0, test0, test0
    1, test1, test1
    2, test2, test2
    3, test3, test3
    4, test4, test4