Os Commands

OS commands

It is possible to run OS commands using the following go template functions:

  • exec returns the result of a shell command as structured data.
  • run returns the result of a shell command as a string.


Razor (exec)

@{example} := exec("printf 'SomeData: test2\nSomeData2: test3'")
First result: @{example.SomeData}
Second result: @{example.SomeData2}

@{example2} := exec("printf 'Test'")
Should be `string`: @typeOf($example2)

Gotemplate (exec)

{{- $example := exec "printf 'SomeData: test2\nSomeData2: test3'" }}
First result: {{ $example.SomeData }}
Second result: {{ $example.SomeData2 }}
{{ $example }}

{{- $example2 := exec "printf 'Test'" }}
Should be `string`: {{ typeOf $example2 }}
{{ $example2 }}

Result (exec)

First result: test2
Second result: test3
SomeData: test2
SomeData2: test3

Should be `string`: string


Razor (run)

@{example} := run("printf 'SomeData: test2\nSomeData2: test3'")
Should be `string`: @typeOf($example)

Gotemplate (run)

{{- $example := run "printf 'SomeData: test2\nSomeData2: test3'" }}
Should be `string`: {{ typeOf $example }}
{{ $example }}

Result (run)

Should be `string`: string
SomeData: test2
SomeData2: test3